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The Forms Page on the Office of Research (OR) website not only houses all of the most up-to-date forms you need from pre-award to post-award, it can also help you remember which forms do and do not apply to your award. The Forms Page is categorized according to the three distinct processing teams within the OR (and, like the rest of the OR website, it is conveniently color-coded). A few examples:

  1. Some forms–such as Form 0136 (in Pre-Award Forms) and the Budget Modification Form (in Post-Award Forms)–apply whether your agreement is a grant/cooperative agreement, clinical/corporate contract, or federal contract. However, some forms only apply to certain awards.
  2. The Grant Management Submission Form only has a link in the Grant Management column, so you know you only need this form for grants/cooperative agreements. The same applies to forms such as PI Verification and Early Account Request.
  3. Likewise, some forms only apply to contracts and not to grants, and you can easily identify these forms because they do not have a link in the Grant Management column.


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