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Guest wireless service is available for short-term use by guests on official University business and visitors of University students, faculty, or staff. A visitor must have a sponsor who is a University student, faculty member, or staff member in order to use the guest wireless network. Guest wireless access must be approved by the sponsor before a visitor or guest can log onto the guest wireless network. The registration process is quick and available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Guests can initiate a request wireless access by registering with the Guest Wireless service. Registering will generate an email request to the sponsor. This email will contain a link that they can click to quickly approve access. Guests must know their sponsor’s name or email address in order to register. Once approved, guests will receive an email and text message with their temporary password for GUEST-WIRELESS-PITTNET. University sponsors and guest wireless users need to acknowledge and follow all relevant University network usage policies.


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