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My Pitt Video enables faculty to record their lectures and make them available to students for playback. Students can view recorded lectures on almost any device, and they can even search and annotate the recordings to help enhance the learning experience. Lecture capture using My Pitt Video is much more powerful than simply placing a camera in the back of a classroom to record what an instructor says and does. Faculty and staff can use My Pitt Video software to record multiple video sources in a classroom and then edit those sources into a single video that can be shared with students. For example, a faculty member might combine a recording of her lecture, her PowerPoint slides, a document camera, and a recording of the questions her students asked during class. Faculty can also integrate recorded lectures with CourseWeb. If they wish, faculty can grant their students access to record and upload their own video presentations and assignments through My Pitt Video. To use My Pitt Video, you will need to install Panopto recording software on your desktop or laptop computer. Detailed instructions are provided below. To log in to My Pitt Video, visit My Pitt (my.pitt.edu), click My Resources, select My Pitt Video, and click the My Pitt Video link on the right-hand side of the page.


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