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Welcome to the Dietrich School’s Academic Success Appointment System

The Dietrich School is now using an online appointment scheduling system for the following appointments:

  • Tutoring
  • Academic Coaching

How do you schedule a one on one appointment?

Click on the Tutoring link for specific course one on one Tutoring or click on the Academic Coaching link for one on one study skills coaching sessions.


What courses do you offer tutoring for?

For a current list of courses offered please check our website.


Do I have to schedule an appointment for tutoring?

We do have drop-in tutoring available in the evenings for which you do not need to make an appointment. Drop-in tutoring is not guaranteed to be individual. Please check our website for the current term’s schedule here. Drop-in tutoring is held on the ground floor of the Hillman Library across from the Cup & Chaucer. Tutors are there Sundays-Wednesdays from 6-9 pm.


Where do I go for my tutoring appointment?

Individual appointments are held in G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center, on the corner of Thackeray and O’Hara streets. Our entrance is off Thackeray Ave. on the ground floor.


Whom do you contact if you have difficulty scheduling an appointment?

Undergraduate Studies Academic Success

G-1 Gardner Steel Conference Center



rs060004@pitt.edu or ckenn@pitt.edu


Help Resources

Dietrich Academic Success Center
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